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Our new Ageing & Dementia Research Centre (ADRC) at Bournemouth University (BU) brings together cross-faculty research expertise in areas of ageing and dementia.  At a time when our population is living longer and often with long-term conditions including dementia, the centre’s research significantly impacts on theory, education and professional practice.

The aim of ADRC is to use the team’s collective expertise to develop person-centred research which will improve the lives of people with dementia and their families.  Their research falls under three broad categories – developing ageing & dementia friendly environments, nutrition & wellbeing and activity & social inclusion.  Each topic builds on a wealth of research knowledge and projects already taking place at BU.

The ADRC will be led by Professor Jane Murphy and Professor Jan Wiener, supported by staff and students from the Faculty of Health & Social Sciences and the Faculty of Science & Technology.


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Research Themes

Our research significantly impacts on theory, education and professional practice and falls under three broad categories

Ageing & Dementia Friendly Environments

People with dementia often find it more difficult to understand and navigate built environments. Dementia-friendly environments compensate for impairments to maximise independence and quality of life. We conduct research into the design of supportive dementia-friendly environments.
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ESRC-funded project “Dementia-friendly architecture: Reducing Spatial Disorientation in Dementia Care Homes”.

Researchers: Prof. Jan Wiener and Dr Ramona Grzeschik


BRC dementia architecture (4) resizedDementia-friendly architecture: what do we know and where do we go?

The Wayfinding Lab conducts research into the cognitive processes involved in successful navigation and wayfinding. To explore this website, to learn more about current projects and local work, please click here

Nutrition and Wellbeing

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Please click on this link Nutrition & Dementia to find out more about this project.

Activity and Social Inclusion

People with dementia, their carers and families need access to information, advice, support, care and treatment, at a time when it is relevant for them. This can be challenging for service providers. Our interventions and evaluations research drives forward innovative practice in all aspects of health and social care provision for people with dementia. This includes best practice in health promotion, health and social care delivery, and helping carers and families to support the person with dementia.

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Dr Samuel Nyman, has been awarded a Career Development Fellowship by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR). For information about the TACIT TRial (TAi ChI for people with demenTia please click here

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The AD-GAMING Project is an ERASMUS+ funded project that aims to develop a Training Platform (website and instruction guidance documents) to support the use of Serious Games that can enhance the Quality of Life of people with dementia. The project team is led by Alzheimer’s Valencia and is supported by five European partners: Bournemouth University Ageing and Dementia Research Centre (ADRC); Alzheimer’s Slovenia; Alzheimer’s Romania; Alzheimer’s Greece and; the Institute of Biomechanics of Valencia (IBV).

The project began in September 2016 and will run for two years; concluding in September 2018. The research consists of three phases:

  1. Phase 1: Initial feedback from key stakeholders on selected Serious Games
  2. Phase 2: Development of the online platform and training documents
  3. Phase 3: Evaluation of the online training platform and training documents.

Phase 1 of the project is now complete and Phase 2 is underway. This involves working in collaboration with health professionals and people with dementia to design the online platform and training documents. This phase of the research is likely to conclude around September 2017, and will be succeeded by an evaluation of the materials.  [For further information please contact Dr Ben Hicks at]


Recent publications

Miller, J.K., McDougall, S., Thomas, S. and Wiener, J.M., 2017. Impairment in active navigation from trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, 140, 114-123.

Murphy, J.L., Holmes, J. and Brooks, C., 2017. Nutrition and dementia care: developing an evidence-based model for nutritional care in nursing homes. BMC Geriatrics, 17 (1).

Murphy J, Holmes J, Brooks C  Measurements of daily energy intake and total energy expenditure in people with dementia in care homes: the use of wearable technology. Journal of Nutrition, Health and Aging .2017

Nyman, S. R., & Skelton, D. A. (2017). The case for Tai Chi in the repertoire of strategies to prevent falls among older people. Perspectives in Public Health, 137(2), 85-86.

Cutler, C., Hicks, B. and Innes, A., 2016. Does Digital Gaming Enable Healthy Aging for Community-Dwelling People With Dementia? GAMES AND CULTURE, 11 (1-2), 104-129.

Heward, M., Innes, A., Cutler, C. and Hambidge, S., 2016. Dementia-friendly communities: Challenges and strategies for achieving stakeholder involvement. Health and Social Care in the Community. DOI: 10.1111/hsc.12371

Events  & Conferences


6 – 7 April 2017: Ludwig-Maximilians Universitat, Tubingen, Germany
Prof. Jan Wiener attended as an invited speaker and panel discussion member at the Models and Representations in spatial cognition workshop hosted by the Cognitive Neuroscience Department, University of Tuebingen.

30 March 2017 : Residential Provider Forum, Bournemouth
The title of this event was “Commissioning priorities and current view of the care home market (supply, demand, quality and sustainability)”. Prof Jane Murphy (presented) and Dr Ramona Grzeschik (represented ADRC). Others in attendance were Skills for Care, Partners in Care, Bournemouth Borough Council, Alive, Equipped for Living and Bournemouth’s Workforce Development Team to name a few.

28 March : ERASMUS+, Thessaloniki, Greece
Dr Ben Hicks attended the 2nd meeting of the ERASMUS+ funded 2 year project working with five European partners to develop training materials and an on-line platform to support the use of Serious Games to enhance the well-being of people with dementia and their care partners. The third meeting will be taking place in Bournemouth in July 2017, and we will be looking to discuss the findings from the second phase of our research

21-22 March 2017 : Dublin City University, Ireland
Prof. Jane Murphy, Dr Michele Board and Joanne Holmes presented at the Research Networking and Innovation Event on “Nutrition and Health in the Older Person”.

15-16 March 2017: Ludwig-Maximilians Universitat Munich, Germany
Prof. Jan Wiener was an invited speaker, his presentation was “What can eye-tracking tell us about the cognitive mechanisms underlying successful navigation”.

1 February 2017: Alzheimer’s Research UK (ARUK), Southampton
Prof. Jan Wiener, Dr Michelle Heward, Dr Ben Hicks and Iram Bibi represented ADRC at the “Living with Dementia 2017” conference.

29 November to 2 December : University Hospital Magdeburg, Germany
Prof. Jan Wiener was an invited speaker at the German Centre for Neurodegenerative Diseases. Presentation entitled “Learning routes through real and virtual environments: the effect of (a)typical ageing.


24 April 2017: DHUFT & BU Dementia Study Day
Prof. Jane Murphy, Dr Michele Board and Dr Michelle Heward

26 April: Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) conference
Kyoto, Japan
Dr Ben  Hicks presenting his findings from his PhD “Enabling social inclusion in older men with dementia using a commercial gaming technological initiative”.

18 May 2017 : Dementia awareness event
The Spire Church, Poole High Street (11am to 3pm)
ADRC team members

22-25 May : GIScience Centre, University of Zurich, Switzerland
Prof. Jan Wiener, invited speaker.  “Visual Search and Gaze Behaviour during Active Locomotion in Complex Virtual Environments”

31 May 2017 : Alzheimers Society Memory Advisory Dorset wide meeting.
Prof. Jane Murphy, Dr Ramona Grzeschik and Christopher Hilton.

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Wayfinding lab


PhD Students

Yolanda Barrado-Martin

Iram Bibi

Mary Duah-Owusu White

Christopher Hilton

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