Upcoming events at Cafe Scientifique

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Upcoming events at Cafe Scientifique

Events start at 7.30pm – 9pm with doors open from 7.00pm

Tuesday 7 February

How well can you hang a picture frame? – Dr Sharon Docherty

Our environment is full of information that allows our brain to make decisions about whether or not we are in an upright position. How we interpret this upright position (vertical) is based on the combination of signals our brain receives from the visual (eyes) and vestibular (inner ear) systems as well as muscles and joints throughout our body (proprioception).

This talk will outline what we know about how vertical is perceived in different age groups and also how it can be affected by clinical conditions such as neck pain and diabetes.

Tuesday 7 March – To be announced


Tuesday 4 April

– Professor Dinusha Mendis will  examine what implications 3D printing have on Intellectual Property


Tuesday 2 May

– Dr Argyro Karanasiou will tell us all about artificial intelligence and driver-less car