Upcoming events at Cafe Scientifique


Upcoming events at Cafe Scientifique

Events start at 7.30pm – 9 pm with doors open from 7.00pm

Tuesday 7 November

 Is it okay for us to comment on Paralympic coverage? – Dr Carrie Hodges

Channel 4’s (C4) innovative and challenging strategy towards broadcasting the Paralympic Games has seen a shift in the televised coverage of disability sport from the margins to mainstream. This includes extended coverage of the games, new promotional strategies and advertising, and the commissioning of the satirical C4 after-show – The Last Leg. C4 view this ‘Paralympic Package’ as a way to progress social awareness of disability, disrupt stereotypical representations and provide a springboard for greater equality. Is it the right approach and is it working – what’s your view?

Tuesday 5 December

BU’s Health and Migration Research in Nepal – Professor Edwin Van Teijlingen

Edwin van Teijlingen & Pramod Regmi will present some of the recent research conducted in Nepal by staff from the Faculty of Health & Social Sciences. They will highlight two very different projects in particular. The first one relates to Nepali migrant workers, since some 3.5 million Nepalese (14% of total population) are working abroad; primarily in Malaysia, the Middle East and India. Working abroad is considered a livelihood strategy for many poor people and most Nepalese migrants are involved in semi/unskilled labour, mainly on building sites, in factories, and in domestic work.  The second project focuses on the issue of transgender and the use of hormones. To date there is little literature on hormone use experiences and its side-effects in transgender populations in Nepal. Edwin and Pramod will speak about the study of male to female transgender (MTF) populations and the experiences of people using hormone therapy (oral or injection or other replacement therapies).