Upcoming events at Cafe Scientifique


Upcoming events at Cafe Scientifique

Events start at 7.30pm – 9 pm with doors open from 7.00pm

Tuesday 5 September

‘All eyes on inflammation in age-related macular degeneration’ – Professor Jessica Teeling, University of Southampton

Ever wondered why so many of us lose our vision when we get old, as a result of age-related macular degeneration? Is it our genes or our environment, or both? Do you want to find out how we can use research to tackle this most common form of blindness in elderly?   In this interactive Cafe Scientifique, professor Jessica Teeling will take you on a journey into the eye, sometimes referred to as the ‘window of the brain’ and discuss the role of our immune system driving the tissue damage to the ageing retina, which ultimately leads to losing our sight.

Tuesday 3 October

Breathe your way into balance – PGR Francesco Ferraro

The muscles strength contributes to postural adjustments that stop us from losing balance. During daily activities, such as getting dress and cleaning the house, our body needs to readjust itself to avoid a falls but with advancing age, our mobility and strength diminish, putting our self at risk.

Many training programs might help to prevent fall accidents, and recent research has shown that the inspiratory muscles may work as postural muscles.

My research is testing whether training the breathing muscles reduces the risk of falling. This novel approach has never been explored.

The talk will explain how the inspiratory muscle training works and its relationship with the deep stabiliser muscles of the trunk and lumbopelvic regions (also known as core muscles).