BU’s inaugural public lecture series

BU’s inaugural lecture series gives our newly appointed professors the opportunity to share an insight into their field of work, research interests and achievements to date.

Members of the public, staff and students are all invited to attend and step into the fascinating world of research and innovation at BU.  We hope you enjoy the opportunity to learn something new and be inspired by some of our leading academics.

Next lecture

Information to follow.

Previous lectures

How supermarket scanner data reveals the secrets of the checkout – film footage to follow.

The past is not what it used to be: archaeological science in the 21st century by Professor Kate Welham


Professor Ann BrooksLove and intimacy in contemporary society

Professor Nigel JumpEconomics in development – it’s the local economy, stupid!

Professor Lee MilesEntrepreneurial resilience & disaster management

Professor Alison McConnellPitchside to bedside: can world class sport help to create world class healthcare?