BU’s Fusion Inaugural Lecture Series

BU’s Fusion Inaugural Lecture Series gives our newly appointed professors the opportunity to share an insight into their field of work, research interests and achievements to date.

Members of the public, staff and students are all invited to attend and step into the fascinating world of research and innovation at BU.  We hope you enjoy the opportunity to learn something new and be inspired by some of our leading academics.

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Aquatic invaders: the truth is out there…

Tuesday 19 September, Brownsea Island

There will be a free chartered Brownsea Island Ferry leaving from the yellow kiosk next to the Sandbanks chain ferry at 6.20pm. This will be the only boat crossing available. Please arrive on the jetty 15 minutes prior to departure with your printed tickets.

One of the biggest threats to our aquatic systems and native fish comes from the introduction of invasive species into our fresh and coastal water.  These can increase predation and competition within eco-systems.  Non-native species are often introduced through human activities, such as angling or aquafarming and are second only to habitat loss in terms of the threat they pose to our native biodiversity.

Professor Robert Britton is a fish ecologist with interests in invasive species, freshwater and coastal ecology and parasitology.  During the course of his lecture, Professor Britton will share insights from his extensive research career, including examples of the effects of non-native species in Europe, North America and Southeast Asia.

The effects of Brexit on the EU, the UK and Dorset – a migrant’s account

Wednesday 18 October, Barclays House, Poole

This lecture will analyse the potential economic effects of Brexit at the international, national and regional level. On the macro level the particular focus will concentrate on the effects of migration between the European Union and the UK. For Dorset potential positive effects for example on tourism and potential negative effects for example on the financial sector will be evaluated.

Professor Jens Hӧlscher is the elected Academic Staff Member on the Bournemouth University Board and Chair and Head of Department in Accounting, Finance & Economics. Before coming to Bournemouth he taught at the Universities of Berlin, Swansea, Birmingham, Chemnitz and Brighton. He is interested in institutional and transition economics, both areas in which he is published widely and is the co-editor of Palgrave’s book series “Studies in Economic Transition”.

The 2017/18 full programme of events will be announced shortly.  Please email research@bournemouth.ac.uk if you’d be kept updated about future lectures.

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