AiR Presentations

Photo Montage of ephemera shared in the two-day workshop, “A Past/A Present” The newly formed ARTS in Research (AiR) Collaborative, part of BU’s Centre for Qualitative Research, recently held two days of exploration of biography and ways and means of expressing the stories of others creatively and ethically. The workshop was entitled, “A Past/A Present” ARTS in Research (AiR) Workshop. Using shared objects representing a time or event in each participant’s life, a ‘partner’ then created a five-minute presentation of and from the storied materials. Participants in the two-days of exploration came from HSS, the Media Faculty and DEC, and several from outside BU. Participants: Sue Thomas Sally Chisholm Wendy Couchman Trevor Hearing Lee-Ann Fenge Julian McDougall Michelle Cannon Karen Cooper Jen Leamon Sue Sudbury Caroline Ellis-Hill Anne Quinney Tom Davis Maggie Hutchings Jill Phillips Carol Ann Richardson Members of the group later took an abbreviated version of the exercise to the Social Research Association’s national conference at the British Library in London. More: Article: