Active Ageing Pathway Evaluation Update: January 2019

On Wednesday 30th January, as part of the Active Ageing Pathway Evaluation, Andy Powell of BUCRU attended Active Dorset’s first Wellbeing Event of 2019, at Lighthouse, Poole.

Wellbeing Events form an integral part of the Active Ageing Pathway, whereby inactive individuals over the age of 55 are identified in clinical, workplace and community settings, and are invited to the events to learn about how physical activity can benefit them, and about the different activities available for them to participate in locally. Wednesday’s event was aimed at individuals in Poole and Bournemouth who are receiving, or have received, treatment for cancer.

Andy attended in order to identify the different behaviour change techniques employed during the event, as part of a wider exercise that will see the systematic application of a theoretical behaviour change framework to the Active Ageing Pathway, to retrospectively underpin its design with an empirical foundation.

This very positive and inspiring event was enjoyed by all, as the pictures below demonstrate.