SSCoDA: a new project on combating Digital Addiction with Zayed University

Together with Zayed University in the UAE, the ESOTICS group in Bournemouth University are working on a new project designing future software tools to assist in combatting the problematic use of technology and to promote healthier and more conscious and self-controlled usage styles. The project will be conducted in close collaboration with SPACE Life Phone Balance, with whom the group has an established partnership.

The project is funded by the RIF Scheme of Zayed University.  The project is co-led by Prof Mohamed Basel Almourad from Zayed University and Prof Raian Ali from Bournemouth University.

The title of the project is Software-Assisted Self-monitoring and Peer Surveillance to Combat Digital Addiction [SSCoDA]

The project will assess the efficiency of various forms of persuasive software-supported self-monitoring and peer surveillance for aiding people declaring “addictive” usage styles and seeking help in regulating it.