Humanising Care, Health and Wellbeing Conference 2018

Humanising Care, Health and Wellbeing Conference  21st -22nd June 2018

The Centre for Qualitative Research has developed a philosophically driven approach to caring, health and wellbeing which involve humanising practices. These are  based on existential understandings from lifeworld approaches and focuses on what make us feel human. Humanising practices are those that incorporate fully human knowing and support a sense of connection and wellbeing. Please click here for more information

This approach is supported by working practices which encourage connection to personal experience and research approaches which privilege subjective experience and knowing; such as phenomenology, narrative, auto-ethnography, embodied knowing and arts–based approaches.

This is our 5th conference.  People at previous conferences have said :

A fabulous conference. I leave this day feeling nurtured….inspired…. refreshed…glad to be human.

Excellent!  sensing there will be shift across health care experts and researchers

Absolutely brilliant!  –this is the best conference I’ve ever attended-inspiring and relevant  

Thank-you for inviting me to participate –these are very powerful events

Please see the programme and abstract from this and previous years conference on the right of the screen under Previous conferences