Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (RBCH) consultations continue

Continuing on from our previous consultations with registered nurses in the RBCH Trust, we recently held consultations with clinical educators within the Trust to hear their thoughts and ideas concerning nurse retention.

It was interesting to hear their point of view, particularly as they work with many different directorates and shared with us similar thoughts as were discussed in our previous consultations. For example, the Older Person’s Medicine (OPM) directorate is our key focus within this project. The clinical educators shared their viewpoint that there is a strong need for the OPM directorate to have a clinical educator to decrease stress and improve overall training and subsequent career development of nursing staff. Currently, OPM do not have a clinical educator and this is perceived to be a barrier to increasing education for nurses. This additional insight will aid in the development of the TRACS model.