Health and wellbeing insight within RBCH Trust

To gain further insight in regards to health and wellbeing within the RBCH trust, we held a consultation with staff who aid and draw awareness to aspects of health and wellbeing for medical staff.

In discussing this topic further and in the context of aiding nurse retention within the Trust, it was presented that RBCH run and have developed many different tools and strategies in relation to improving health and wellbeing of staff. Furthermore, they are currently developing additional aids to improve overall quality of life and work life for staff.

For example, courses to improve health and wellbeing are available and advertised for staff. Additionally, if there is a member of staff in need of support, there are individuals available to speak with and also direct him/her to other avenues within the Trust that may help. This strength of existing health and wellbeing aids within the Trust has shown that adding to and improving upon such strategies and/or courses may potentially increase nurse retention within the Trust.