Interdisciplinary Research Week 2018

Join us from 19-23 March 2018 to celebrate the breadth and excellence of Bournemouth University’s interdisciplinary research, and stimulate new collaborations and ideas amongst the University’s diverse research community.

Bournemouth is at the hub of a network of educational, business and local government partners with a powerful fusion of world-class research. We create a continuous and fruitful exchange of knowledge that stimulates new ideas to meet big societal issues across the globe. This puts us at the cutting edge with our innovative integration of perspectives from the arts, humanities and social sciences with methods drawn from computer science, engineering or the physical sciences to develop new advanced strategies and technologies.

The week has a programme of lectures, workshops, and discussions, aimed at promoting interdisciplinary workings; to provide an understanding of how to get involved in Interdisciplinary Research and what can and should be achieved.

For more information, or to book onto sessions, visit the staff intranet.