EROGamb wins Best Project Award at ICE Totally Gaming Research Exchange

The EROGamb project was presented by Dr. Raian Ali at the ICE Totally Gaming Research Exchange Event in London, Feb 7th, 2018. Among 4 finalist projects, EROGamb was elected for the Best Project Award.

In this project we are designing software and research facilities which retrieve the gambling history of subscribed gamblers and help them visualise their gambling behaviour in various forms to inform their decisions. It will also implement various software-assisted behaviour change mechanisms to try and reduce problem gambling. To this end, it will enable gamblers to establish plans to manage their gambling and enforce these plans though different persuasive techniques including goal setting and self-monitoring.

The key argument we make in this project is that data captured by online gambling operators for commercial reasons, such as usability and tailoring promotion and marketing material, shall be made equally available to gamblers and their surrogate agents, humans like a counselor or software. Such sharing shall be done through automated means to enable a fast and real-time benefit from them.

The project is jointly funded by GambleAware and Bournemouth University. EROGamb is part of our Digital Addiction initiative meant to enable a healthier and well-informed usage of technology.