New research on soft power in the post-truth era

Dr Pawel Surowiec has published work discussing the changing ways in which soft power is exercised through the use of propaganda and ‘Kompromat‘ and its impacts on democracy for the highly influential Georgetown Journal of International Affairs. The work builds upon his research on nation branding and inter-state diplomacy.

This article draws on Dr Surowiec’s research on institutional, technological and cultural changes taking place in the realm of soft power statecraft.  In essence, the article deals with the notion of hybridization in soft power statecraft.

It is a commentary on dynamics of the currently investigated cyber-attack by Russia on the U.S., reported in the aftermath of the 2017 U.S. elections.  The article problematizes ways in which digital media technologies interlink with politcal influence, as well as explains how influence is articulated by means of dis-information and propaganda campaigns.

Finally, the article provides some solutions as to how policy-makers and media organisations should respond to disruptive power of dis-information campaigns used to undermine democratic processes.