EROGamb and Digital Addiction are Presented at World Regulatory Briefing in London

The Digital Addiction Research and the EROGamb project on  “Empowering Responsible Online Gambling with Predictive, Real-time, Persuasive and Interactive Intervention” were presented in a panel at the World Regulatory Briefing event in London, 12 September 2017. The panel included MP Philip Davies, the Head of Therapy at the Gambling Therapy Mr Pedro Romero and Bournemouth University Dr. Raian Ali.

The panel “Is the gaming industry the next leader in minimising digital addiction?” discussed the growing concern with generalised digital addiction across many industries. The argument was that the gambling industry could have a head start with tackling this to the benefit of all of their stakeholders. So how far can the gaming industry run with sustainability and responsibility? Can the gaming industry become a leader in sustainability? What are the benefits of indexing, transparency and reporting sustainability? How do we measure the value of corporate social responsibility from an outside industry model?