Dr Michael Bracher: second-author paper published in BMJ Open

Congratulations to Dr Michael Bracher on the publication of a new paper in BMJ Open. This paper explores the differences in experiences of care reported in the Cancer Patient Experience Survey (CPES) between patients diagnosed with metastatic cancer of known and unknown primaries in England.

Drawing from the 2013 CPES, this paper reports findings from two seperate, but related, studies: qualitative and quantitative. The quantitative study described perceived experiences of care of patients diagnosed with CUP compared with patients with metastatic cancer of a comparable known primary (non-CUP). The second, qualitative study analysed free-text responses of CUP patients in the CPES to identify emerging themes and insights regarding their experiences of cancer care.

The paper can be read in full here.


Wagland, R., Bracher, M., Drosdowsky, A., Richardson, A., Symons, J., Mileshkin, L., and Schofield, P. (2017) Differences in experiences of care between patients diagnosed with metastatic cancer of known and unknown primaries: mixed-method findings from the 2013 cancer patient experience survey in England. BMJ Open.