Photo of the Week: A Concerted Effort to Repair Trust

Samreen Ashraf,
Lecturer in Marketing,
Faculty of ManagementSamreen Ashraf, Lecturer in Marketing, Faculty of Management

A Concerted Effort to Repair Trust

Our next instalment of the ‘Photo of the Week’ series features Samreen Ashraf, Dr Elvira Bolat, Dr Caroline Jackson, Professor Juliet Memery, Dr Julie Robson and Dr Jason Sit’s image which represents the need for businesses to repair trust with their consumers.  The series is a weekly instalment, which features an image taken by our fantastic BU staff and students. The photos give a glimpse into some of the fascinating work our researchers have been doing across BU and the wider community.

A series of recent scandals and misdeeds has eroded customer trust in many business sectors.   To continue firms must repair the trust lost. This can be a challenge. A concerted, hands-on effort by everyone within the industry is required to restore the fragmented pieces that together make-up the trust framework.  This research focuses on the service sector and examines trust repair endeavours from various stakeholders’ perspectives related to three different contexts: mis-selling financial services (e.g. PPI); HR issues in the retail sector (eg Sports Direct) and safety issues within the leisure sector (eg Alton Towers). Trust damage occurs on an almost weekly basis. This high impact research is not only topical but also responds to a very real business need in terms of providing firms with a framework to help repair trust with their consumers.

If you’d like find out more about the research or the photo itself then please contact Samreen.

This photo was originally a runner up in the 2017 Research Photography Competition. If you have any other questions about the Photo of the Week series or the competition please email