The Changing Nature of Strategic Collaboration


The changing nature of collaboration in the UK broadcast media was one of the key findings presented by Graham Goode, Senior Lecturer in Marketing Communications at the recent European Media Management Association conference in Ghent, Belgium.

Under a conference theme of “collaboration in the value chain”, Graham presented the findings from a multi-year content analysis of strategic collaborations of UK broadcast, production and distribution organisations between 2010 and 2016. The analysis drew on 169 instances of collaboration reported in the industry through annual reports, press statements and news articles from the Broadcast magazine database. The findings show that equity participation, a form of collaboration, where one partner provides finance and expertise to gain access to the other partner’s capabilities in content, formats, talent, people and production facilities, accounted for a substantial and growing proportion of collaborations over the last three years, replacing acquisitions, as the here-to (since 2010) main form of collaboration.

The full research findings were presented to an audience of media management academics from across Europe during day one of the conference, eliciting interest and potential opportunities for research collaboration. For a copy of the presentation and/or to discuss mutual interest in this area, please contact the author, Graham Goode at”