Secrets of storytelling revealed in BU public inaugural lecture


The secrets of storytelling in games, films and theatre were shared with a full house at The Lighthouse Theatre during Professor Kerstin Stutterheim’s inaugural lecture.

During the public lecture Kerstin, a Professor of Media and Cultural Studies at BU, discussed her own background in theatre and film-making as well as the study of elements which make up storytelling, known as dramaturgy.

She also explained how new media and technology, such as video games, were changing the face of storytelling, while popular television series like Game of Thrones stuck more rigidly to conventional storytelling formats.

Kerstin said: “Every day I am coming across a great new story or a new way of telling a story.

“I’m still interested in trying to make my basis in a very long tradition and existing knowledge be in a dialogue with new media productions like games, which I find very exciting.

“It opens up opportunities that we don’t have within film, because film is linear and causal and it has to be directed in a specific rhythm. With games you have these opportunities to find different ways of telling a story and of structuring it and that’s very attractive.”