Eating and Drinking Well: Supporting People Living with Dementia

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A new online workbook designed to help support better nutrition in people with dementia is now available online.  The workbook stems from research undertaken with Dorset care homes and has been funded by the Burdett Trust for Nursing.

Ensuring appropriate food and nutrition is a vital part in delivering dignity in care for people with dementia. Eating and drinking becomes increasingly difficult as a result of the disease that puts people at increased risk of severe malnutrition (under nutrition) and weight loss. Worryingly there are no standardised ways to maintain adequate nutrition in people with dementia as the challenges of meeting appropriate nutrition and hydration continue to be reported.

To tackle these ongoing concerns, Dr Jane Murphy and Joanne Holmes were awarded a grant by The Burdett Trust for Nursing to undertake a ground breaking research project. It is helping to equip front-line nurses and care home staff with the skills needed to improve the delivery of nutrition for people living with dementia in the community achieved through evidence-based learning in nutrition and empowered leadership.