Politics, Protest, Emotion: Interdisciplinary Perspectives. A Book of Blogs

The Centre for Politics & Media Research are very pleased to announce the publication of “Politics, Protest, Emotion: Interdisciplinary Perspectives. A Book of Blogs”, edited by Anastasia Veneti, Paul Reilly (University of Sheffield), and Dimitrinka Atanasova (Queen Mary, University of London).

The Book of Blogs features contributions from 37 academics across the globe. It presents a range of disciplinary perspectives on politics and emotions, including the fields of computer science, (digital) media studies, journalism studies and political science. Drawing on a range of case studies including the 2016 Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament march in London, the movement against TTIP-TAFTA and health activism such as “I Want PrEP Now”. The contributors provide new insight into the affective turn in protest and social movements.

We hope you like the publication. If you wish to obtain an EPUB version (suitable for Nooks, Kindles and other e-readers) then please email Paul Reilly.