Eco-Coding Project Video


A new video has been produced to present the Eco-Coding project’s aims and objectives,  a project which is being led by Dr Liz Franklin.

Eco-Coding is a HEIF (Higher education innovation fund) funded project that is in the process of bringing the technology of DNA barcoding to BU, by collaborating with environmental organisations and local school children. DNA (eDNA) meta-barcoding involves the use of DNA produced by living organisms, collected from the environment and matched to DNA databases telling us what species are present. eDNA can rapidly, non-invasively and cost effectively inform and influence critical issues in ecology and forensics.


The video has been created in collaboration with Yisiang Lim, Guojie Yan and Ijeoma Nwankwo, who are studying MA in Media and Communication, and the project’s staff.

“This is a wonderful beginning to the collaboration between the science team and the media school and I for one look forward to future interactions.” explains Dr Franklin.