Students Interviewed on BBC Radio Solent

Faculty of Media & Communication level 6 CMC Media Inequality students with Rebecca Romo

Faculty of Media & Communications Lecturer Dr Deborah Gabriel and final year students Ray Taiwo (BA Public Relations) and Stacey Kelly-Maher (BA Marketing Communications) took part in recent interviews with BBC Radio Solent reporter Rebecca Romo.

Listen to the interview here.

The programme, which aired on Monday 17 October during the Breakfast show, focused on how a new unit called Media Inequality can help bring positive changes to the advertising industry.

Dr Gabriel developed Media Inequality drawing on her specialist knowledge and skills in social justice pedagogy – where teaching is designed to bring about social change, and expertise in issues relating to race, ethnicity and culture.

The unit is designed to help students develop critical understandings of historical and contemporary issues relating to the dynamics of race, ethnicity and culture across the media, and cultural competencies in communications practice.

Ray and Stacey volunteered to participate in the interviews, supported by other students on the unit who contributed to the show by helping select the adverts to be featured and providing feedback on the script. They also became the audience during the recording of the show, helping to create the atmosphere of a live studio discussion.

Dr Gabriel explained that the purpose of the radio show was to help students prepare for an upcoming video presentation assessment where they are required to discuss topical issues in the media relating to race ethnicity and culture:

“By taking part in the radio show, students went through the process of unpacking complex issues based on specific examples using critical theories and articulating problems from an informed position. Ray and Stacey did very well in the interviews and all of the students have benefited from this experience.”