The only advantage is adaptive advantage!

Dr John Oliver, Associate Professor in Media Management, recently presented his recent research findings at the World Media Economics & Management Conference in New York.

His paper examined how UK media firms were adapting to fast changing media market conditions by regularly adapting their business model and placing an emphasis on experimentation in order to keep pace with change.

 Dr Oliver said that “it is the ‘ability’ of a media firm to adapt their strategies, business model and resources that can provide them with an advantage in the market place”.

The full paper can be found here.

As part of the conference, delegates were given an exclusive tour of the facilities at the Time Warner MediaLab in New York City.

Commenting on his tour experience, Dr John Oliver said that “the Media lab incorporates world class research facilities that range from eye tracking to bio-metric analysis that help media professionals to better understand consumer behavior, and evolving media habits.”

He also noted that the staff at the media lab were extremely generous with their time and were interested in working with media academics on research projects.