Digital Addiction research visit to Athens

Dr Raian Ali and Professor Keith Phalp from the Department of Computing and Informatics along with Dr John McAlaney from the Department of Psychology visited Athens in May 2016 to meet with researchers from the University of Athens and the Greek Saferinternet Helpline. This visit is part of the Fusion project “Foundations for Inter-Disciplinary Research on Digital Addiction” which also involves colleagues from University of Birmingham, University of Leeds, Streetscene Addiction Recovery, Khalifa University and National Rehabilitation Centre (NRC) of Abu Dhabi.

This visit discussed the ongoing work on the topic of digital addiction at Bournemouth University. Dr Ali and colleagues presented their research at a seminar hosted by Dr Petros Roussos at the University of Athens and attended by a range of researchers, students and stakeholders from the field of gambling. This was followed by a visit to the office of the Safer Internet Helpline where there was discussion on the valuable role the helpline provides in advising young people, parents, educators and policy makers on a range of online activities including social media, video gaming and the dangers of online grooming. Future collaborations between BU, the University of Athens and the Greek Saferinternet Helpline were discussed.