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Environment can impact performance in learning

Research into learning environments in classrooms has found that environmental factors can have an impact on student performance.

The research, carried out by Bournemouth University’s Professor Stephen Heppell and currently available due to support on Kickstarter, has found that the effects of various conditions, including temperature, carbon dioxide volumes, and noise can have an impact on performance.

Speaking about the research Professor Stephen Heppell, project leader and Professor at the Centre for Excellence in Media Practice (CEMP), Bournemouth University, said, “The research clearly identified that various conditions have a profound impact on performance. The results show how these conditions can unfairly skew the outcome of children’s hard work. In so many cases they will perform below their best, simply because the environment they are in is damaging to their performance. It can be compared to trying to run 100 metres in heavy boots”.

He continues, “It was fascinating to see so many teachers’ shock to realise from their own data gathering, why groups of children are disengaged, not concentrating, or underperforming.

“As we approach GCSE and A level exams, it is time to give everyone the best chance possible. This isn’t currently happening.”

The Learnometer hardware and research community membership, published on Kickstarter now until mid-June, explores and measures the optimal environmental conditions for learning, giving vital insight at a time when many children will be sitting exams.

The research team are now calling on educators and influencers to apply the findings to their own test and exam rooms to give children the best possible chance of performing in their exams.

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