Dr Kate Murphy publishes book about pioneering BBC women

Dr Kate Murphy’s forthcoming book Behind the Wireless:  A History of Early Women at the BBC has been profiled on both the BBC website in its online magazine, and on Woman’s Hour.

Behind the Wireless tells the story of women at the BBC in the 1920s and 30s.  Broadcasting was very new in Britain and the BBC employed women at all levels – except at the very top – which was unusual for an organisation of that time.  Women also had the opportunity to produce programmes aimed at women and to bring female broadcasters to the microphone.

There was a feeling of equality and women had the opportunity to progress, explains Dr Murphy’s book.  However, as it goes on to reveal, there were also hidden inequalities in recruitment, pay, and promotion and in 1932 a marriage bar was introduced.

Dr Murphy’s book explores the opportunities presented by the BBC during this period.

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