Photo of the Week: Shooting RUFUS STONE

Kip Jones, Faculty of Health & Social Care

In our next ‘Photo of the Week’ we are looking at a research-based film called ‘Rufus Stone’. This film was led by BU’s Dr Kip Jones; he is the Director of the Centre for Qualitative Research.

This project at  Bournemouth University is one of the seven projects in The Grey and Pleasant Land? group of projects funded by the NDA in south west England and Wales.   The Bournemouth project, “Gay and Pleasant Land? is a study about positioning, ageing and gay life in rural South West England and Wales” which took place over three years.

The emerging recollections, perceptions and storied biographies of older lesbians and gay men and their rural experiences formed the bulk of the data studied and the basis for story and characterisation in the short professionally made film, RUFUS STONE. The project aimed to empower older lesbians and gay men in rural areas and open hearts and minds in the larger community. The main result of these efforts is the film which was made to encourage community dialogue and inform service providers.

For more information about the project, email Kip for further details or visit the Rufus Stone website.

This was an entry to BU’s first research photography competition and you can view the entries to the most recent competition here.