Forthcoming Centre for Media History Event: “Arnold Pater . . . . . Reith Sieveking” – with Todd Avery


In many ways, modernist literature inherited aspects of the aesthetic traditions that migrated from France to England in the 1860s and 1870s.  Radio in some ways helped to mediate modernism, which raises an interesting question for literary radio studies of the modern era: namely, how did radio help to mediate aestheticism?

This public lecture begins to sketch a new approach to the understanding of relations between modernism and the BBC by tracing echoes of aestheticism on air in the formative years of British broadcasting

Associate Professor Todd Avery’s research into British modernism centres on relations between aesthetics and ethics, both among the Bloomsbury Group and in the formative years of radio. He is currently working on a study of aesthetics traces in early broadcasting and on a book exploring how Lytton Strachey forged his ethical ideas through a long engagement with religious discourse.

Please join the Centre for Media History for this public lecture on Wednesday, 18 May 2016, 6pm, Marconi Lecture Theatre.