Photo of the Week: Steps to Independent Living in Old Age

James Gavin, Faculty of the School of Tourism

In our next ‘Photo of the Week’ we are looking at research examining the demands of using stairs on people in old age. This research is being led by BU’s Dr James Gavin, a Lecturer in Exercise Physiology.

Stair negotiation is a physically demanding task, particularly for older adults, due to age-related deteriorations in muscle function. While working on a project at Liverpool John Moores University, James helped investigate how exercise and stretching training can help older adults meet the demands of walking up and down stairs.

His objective for future research is to use understanding of musculoskeletal adaptation (exercise stimulus = recovery = adaptation) to study practical forms of exercise for older people, thereby promoting healthy lifespan. The broader scope of the field of exercise training and rehabilitation is to develop sustainable strategies to improve human physical performance not only for athletes, but also individuals in day-to-day life.

For more information about the project, email James for further details.

This was an entry to BU’s first research photography competition and you can view the entries to the most recent competition here.