Entrepreneurial Resilience and Disaster Management: Where Innovation and Integration Meet?

BU’s inaugural lecture series returns in January 2016, with a fascinating glimpse into the world of disaster management, delivered by Professor Lee Miles, Professor of Crisis and Disaster Management.  Professor Miles has carried out research into emergency and crisis management for many years and is currently exploring the relationship between innovation and resilience in successful crisis and disaster management.

The modern perception is that today – be it in Sierra Leone, Nepal, Ukraine or Paris – we face more crises and disasters than ever and they are becoming ever more costly to deal with. Equally, conventional wisdom in disaster management has stressed the importance of an integrated response where it is essential for advocates, institutions and sectors to work together to facilitate greater resilience.

One of the keys to successful disaster management lies in harnessing cross-institutional cooperation. Professor Miles’ work highlights both this and the value-added significance of ‘entrepreneurial resilience’ for understanding the role of actors and agency in successful disaster management. Exploring the role of ‘policy entrepreneurs’, Professor Miles demonstrates how their innovative knowledge and entrepreneurial skills provides a balanced perspective and further analytical tools for filling in the gaps in resilience. By drawing on recent episodes in crises and disasters as well as the experiences of key sectors such as travel and tourism, the lecture will reflect on whether success and failure in disaster management may depend ultimately upon when, where and how innovation and integration meet both in theory and in practice.


Location: Executive Business Centre, Holdenhurst Road

Date and time: 25 January, 6:30pm for 7pm

Tickets are free of charge and can be booked through BU’s Eventbrite page.