From safeguarding vulnerable adults from financial scamming to supporting mobile workers: BU celebrates social science research

Bournemouth University to host free events as part of the Festival of Social Science

Bournemouth University (BU) is playing host to 17 free events as part of the Economic and Social Research Council’s (ESRC) Festival of Social Science. Taking place between 7 – 14 November, the events will be celebrating a selection of the best of BU’s social science research.   From safeguarding vulnerable adults, to exploring the effects of mobile working on family life, to looking at the implications of copyright reform, BU’s research spans a wide range of social sciences.

As part of the Festival, Professor Adele Ladkin will be presenting her research into the effects of mobile working. Professor Ladkin has been working with colleagues from the Royal College of Art, Newcastle University and the University of the West of England, to explore how this form of working can impact on home and work life.

Speaking about her event, Professor Ladkin said, “Mobile working is a reality for many people in the UK and is likely to increase in the future. Workers may be away for anything from a couple of nights per week to several weeks at a time, which can be very disruptive to family life, even with the help of modern technology to stay in touch. I will be presenting the results of our research, which looked at the implications of this type of working for both workers’ home lives and employees.”

Dr Lee-Ann Fenge will be leading an event about how to safeguard vulnerable adults from financial scamming. “Older people can often be vulnerable to doorstep, telephone, mail and online scams resulting the loss of money and leading to considerable distress,” explained Dr Fenge, “Our event will bring together representatives from Trading Standards, the National Scams Team, Age UK and the Cyber Security Unit at BU. It will give participants a chance to learn about common financial scams and how to support people who have fallen victim to scamming.”

Professor John Fletcher, Pro Vice Chancellor of Research and Innovation at Bournemouth University said, “From shaping public policy, to strengthening the economy, to helping us to understand our world, the influence of social science can be found all around us.

Here at Bournemouth University, many of our researchers work in social science disciplines and, in so doing, make a real difference to the world around us. Participating in the ESRC’s Festival of Social Science is a great opportunity for us to share that work, and we look forward to welcoming people from all over Dorset and Hampshire to BU.”

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