Forthcoming CMH Event: Dr Allan Jones on the rise and fall adult education at the BBC

The dream of mediated national community: the rise and fall adult education at the BBC

In many countries, early broadcasting was motivated by a ‘dream of mediated national community’ (to adapt historian Stephen Lovell’s phrase). How this dream was to be realised varied from country to country: in Britain a public service ethos was felt to be essential – as is well known. Less well known is the central role of adult education in the realisation of this ‘dream’. For approximately 10 years in the 1920s and 30s, adult education was at the heart of the BBC’s radio output. Thereafter follows a long decline, interrupted with occasional resurgences of interest. This talk is a work-in-progress account of this overlooked area of media history.

Allan Jones is a lecturer in communications technology in the Department of Computing and Communications at the Open University. He has published research papers on the history of the BBC’s broadcasting of science and technology, and recently appeared in the BBC Radio 4 series ‘Computing Britain’.

Please join us to hear Allan speak in the Coyne Lecture Theatre, Talbot Campus 6-7.30pm on Wednesday October 14th. All welcome!