Zombies, radio dramas and seafood sampling – Day 6 of the Festival of Learning

A zombieism outbreak swept Bournemouth University on the sixth day of the Festival of Learning.

But, don’t worry, it was all in the name of science. Zombie Science, to be precise – a series of fun and interactive sessions looking into the causes of disease and infection control.

“It was really interesting – it was nice and interactive which is really good,” said Carl, a University of Reading student who lives in Bournemouth, and attended the event.

“I study science myself and this seemed really accessible for people like my friends who’ve come with me, who don’t really do science, but still keeping to the main scientific principles.”

Other events throughout the day explored the use of eye-tracking technology to help understand issues associated with reading, writing and dyslexia; and creating quick and tasty seafood dishes using sustainable sources.

The Archers actor and BBC Radio 4 Features Producer Felicity Finch joined members of the public in BU’s radio studios for the Radio Drama in a Day event, with the finished pieces broadcast on BIRSt.co.uk.

Felicity, who plays Ruth Archer, said: “For the university to be reaching out – it’s great on all levels. It’s great on the level of young people or anybody finding out about areas of learning that they’d never thought that they could embark on no matter what stage of life they’re in.

“For older people, it’s never too late to start up a course and young kids realising that the university is a really accessible place… actually that universities are for everybody and certainly for your local community to realise that and feel that they can walk in and feel welcome in their local university, that’s brilliant.”

Jill, who attended the workshop, said she thought the Festival of Learning was a great idea: “I think it’s absolutely excellent! You get to see things that you wouldn’t see otherwise and I think it is good building links between the university and the community.”

The Festival of Learning runs until Friday 17 July, with over 150 free events and activities taking place over the course of a week.

To find out more, and book onto events, visit the Festival of Learning website