Festival of Learning day three: healthy living

The Festival of Learning continued to draw a crowd on Monday, as guests were treated to events from alternative sports to business support.

Day three of the Festival started with an event aimed at raising awareness of good nutrition and diet. The sports events also continued to be popular, with free lacrosse and yBall – think netball with a nerf football – sessions.

There were also a number of events aimed at helping the public, like ‘supporting people with sightloss’, which gave people a chance to hear about how to help people who may be partially or totally blind.

Following a busy family weekend, Day Three of the Festival of Learning also brought some more business-focussed events, such as BU lecturer Debbie Sadd’s ‘Social Media for the Curious’, which ran through the basics of using social media in an interactive, workshop-style computer lab.

Rye Buffery from Bournemouth, is a 3rd year Occupational Therapy Student at BU and attended ‘Sightloss for the Blind’ after an email from her lecturer.

She said, “It was extremely useful for my course and career. I was guided but then also acted as a guide; it was great to see what it’s like from a blind or low vision person’s point of view. I learnt how to handle sensitive situations like what to say and how to act. I understand a lot more about blindness now.  I think more people should join in with events like this from students to families.”

Fred Donnelly of Southbourne attended the yBall event and said, “We came to the Festival last year and took part in handball and really enjoyed that. This is more unique so we’re trying it out. It was really good but tiring. The fact that it’s free means we can try loads of new stuff out see what we think of it. Yes we will play again!”

Julia Carter attended ‘Nutrition, Activity and Healthier Living’. She said, “I came along to the session because I wanted to find out more about healthy eating and the psychology behind it.  It’s easy to know what you’re supposed to be doing, but harder to actually put it in practice – especially when you’re doing a family shop in the supermarket.  I think today’s session has helped me to learn more and has given me the impetus to try to eat more healthily.”

For more information about Day Three of the Festival of Learning, view our day-by-day Storify page.

To check out and sign up for events taking place until the end of the week, visit the Festival of Learning pages of the Bournemouth University website.