Welcome to the Bournemouth Research Chronicle

2014 was a significant year in the development of research at Bournemouth University (BU). With the recruitment of over 50 new academics and a substantial growth in grants income, research at BU is going from strength to strength.

This was reflected in our outstanding Research Excellence Framework (REF) results, which saw 96% of BU’s research rated at an international level, with 18% deemed to be world-leading. Our results are a credit to the outstanding work which goes on at BU on a day-to-day basis. Everyone at the university can take pride in these results, as we have all contributed; whether through the direct submission of work or by building an environment and culture that allows research to flourish.

We are particularly proud of the way that BU’s academics continue to lead the way in developing research that not only impacts on society, but also is made openly available for others to
use. Publishing research open access allows for a wider range of people to benefit from its discoveries, so we are pleased to see that BU’s academics are already taking steps to share their work. The academics featured in this year’s Bournemouth Research Chronicle (BRC) have a variety of reasons for being passionate about making research freely available, and as their stories show, it has already helped their research have an impact on beneficiaries, businesses and early career researchers.

Some highlights featured in this edition include research undertaken by the Faculty of Health & Social Sciences about managing fatigue in people with multiple sclerosis (MS). Thanks to collaboration with the MS Society, hundreds of people with MS have now benefitted from training and support to better manage their symptoms. Other research projects have helped shape the direction of national policy, such as research from the Faculty of Media & Communication into the copyright implications of consumer 3D printing.

As well as making a difference to the outside world, research plays a big role in enhancing life at BU. Collaborations between researchers from different faculties create opportunities to bring together ideas and develop new areas of expertise; something we hope to see more of in coming years. Research is also benefiting our student experience through the launch of BU’s new undergraduate research assistantships, which give students a fantastic insight into research as a career. It also helps them to develop skills, which will be an asset no matter what profession they choose.

As research continues to flourish at BU, we look forward to seeing its impact both in the wider world and in our own university community. We are proud of the work that is undertaken at BU every day, and are delighted to introduce a small selection of excellent examples of research in this year’s BRC.

Professor John Vinney, Vice-Chancellor
Professor John Fletcher, Pro Vice-Chancellor for Research and Innovation