Stakeholder Perceptions of the Cornwall Finfish Aquaculture Demonstration Project

Professor Juliet Memery and Dr Dawn Birch have recently undertaken a stakeholder analysis on behalf of the Crown Estate for a proposed aquaculture demonstration project in Cornwall (Funding £8,283).

The qualitative study involved 18 in-depth interviews with interested stakeholders from relevant government, business, tourism & hospitality, marine & fishing and environmental sectors in South West England. The main aims of the project were to establish the level of awareness and understanding of aquaculture among key stakeholders in the South West region; identify key stakeholders’ perceived benefits and drawbacks in terms of potential social, environmental and economic impacts associated with fish farming in the region; ascertain the major challenges key stakeholders envisage the project team will encounter in establishing a fish farm in Cornwall; explore the attitudes of key stakeholders towards the project; develop a stakeholder matrix to stratify key stakeholders in terms of levels of interest and influence in relation to the project; and suggest strategies for consideration when taking the project forward. Findings of the project were disseminated by an oral presentation to the project team and potential commercial operators and a formal written report. The findings will be used by the project team to guide the development and communication of the project going forward.