BU presents at 5th International Symposium on Security and Military Law 2014 (the ISSML) in SEOUL

Sascha-Dov Bachmann, Associate Professor in International Law, was invited to present as a panel member the subject of Hybrid War/Threats/Ecothreats and Armed Conflict at the 5th International Symposium on Security and Military Law 2014 (the ISSML), to be held on September 25-27, 2014 in Seoul and organized by the Office of Judge Advocate General, Republic of Korea Army.

The purpose of the ISSML is to bring together leading authorities of the world including scholars, government officials, and military officers, to provide a meaningful opportunity to discuss, explore, and examine on current international law issues, and to serve as an effective forum of security and military diplomacy for peace and stability of the world.

This year’s ISSML has so far attracted high ranking military officers, government officials, scholars from 22 countries; and confirmed presenters including judge advocates having operational law assignments from US, UK, Australia, and S. Korea, Belgium General Counsel to the Office of Ministry of Defense and an ICRC Assembly member.

Sascha’s work on Hybrid War and Ecothreats has been published in various international and UK journals and is subject of continuing collaborative activities with colleagues and institutions from the UK, US, Sweden and Germany.