Festival attendees volunteer for more research

The Executive Business Centre at BU’s Lansdowne Campus hosted a number of events as part of the first day of the week long Festival of Learning.

Many of the presentations and workshops were targeted at a business audience (but by no means exclusive). Subjects included data, digital and the web, marketing, press and media, finance and tax. With such a variety of topics to choose from, which ran into the evening, many were able to enjoy a full day of activity. The later sessions attracted professionals coming straight from work.

Some of the academics delivering the sessions are well known in their chosen fields and attracted visitors from overseas and around the UK. BU’s postgraduate students were also involved in sharing their research and inspired their audiences.

A lot of the attendees expressed a desire to take part in future research taking place  and requested longer sessions and further opportunities  to share information on the topics presented.

Some of the upcoming events are now fully booked, but there are still plenty of available activities, presentations and workshops, both on and off-campus. The Festival continues until Sunday 15 June.

For more information, visit the Festival of Learning website.

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