The Chicken Project Features in Nature

The AHRC funded Chicken Project, led by BU’s Dr Mark Maltby, has featured in Nature‘s news in an article by reporter Ewen Callaway.

The project, which started in January 2014, draws together archaeology, anthropology and scientific analyses to trace the chicken’s origins and subsequent spread across the world, from which will come an increased understanding of food security and sustainability, health, and productivity. This article focuses on how genetic analysis of archaeological and modern material can provide vital clues to the chicken’s origins and domestication process.

Reporter Ewen Callaway attended the project meeting held recently  at Roehampton University where he heard research reports from project members, including those from the team at BU.  The BU contingent of the Chicken Project consists of:

  • Dr Mark Maltby – Principal Investigator, project coordinator and zooarchaeologist
  • Dr Julia Best – Zooarchaeologist whose research targets the spread of domestic chickens in Europe and their exploitation in different periods and regions, with a focus on egg and meat production
  • Mike Feider – Researching chicken-related material culture in prehistoric and first millennium AD Europe
  • Jackie Pitt – Researching the ecology of chicken domestication and spread, with a focus on climate and environment.

Read the full news article ‘Chicken project gets off the ground’ online here.

The full project title is ‘Cultural and Scientific Perceptions of Human-Chicken Interactions’.