National Perspectives on the Development of Public Relations

Front cover of Asian Perspectives book

BU’s Professor Tom Watson is editor of a new book series offering an authentic world-wide view of the history of public relations, free from the corporatist Anglo-American emphasis that dominates most literature in this discpiline.

Asian Perspectives on the Development of Public Relations is the first in the National Perspectives on the Development of Public Relations series published by Palgrave Macmillan.

Writing about the book on PR Moment, Professor Watson said: “Each Asian chapter showed the strong link between the establishment of nation states and PR’s development, although in the past 30 years it has been economic growth rather than political and social changes that supported PR’s regional expansion. The post-colonial era since World War 2 has also led to strong governmental informational approaches to PR, which often verge on propaganda aided by controls over media. These are different to the Anglo-American experience, including Australasia, which works under fewer controls over media and other communication channels.”

The series will feature six books, five of which cover continental and regional groups and one of which contains essays on new and revised historiographical and theoretical approaches. The next volume to be published focuses on Eastern Europe and includes a chapter on Hungary from BU’s Gyorgy Szondi.

Tom is Professor of Public Relations in the Media School at BU and has published extensively on the history of the discipline. He is founder of the European Public Relations History Network and is behind the annual International History of Public Relations Conference, which next takes place in Bournemouth on 2-3 July 2014.