Stonehenge Visitor Centre

A new multi-million pound visitor centre is set to open at Stonehenge at the end of 2013. This will include a life-size reconstruction of a Neolithic house, which is based on the knowledge of settlement activity uncovered during the Stonehenge Riverside Project.

BU’s Head of Archaeology Dr Kate Welham, a co-director of the project says: “When we excavated the houses we only saw the floors. It’s amazing to see them reconstructed using the exact measurements taken by BU students and researchers.”

Visitors will be able to go inside the houses and see where people slept and ate 4,500 years ago.

“I was struck by how big the houses are,” Dr Welham continued. “They are roomy and comfortable and you could easily fit ten people comfortably around the hearths in the centre. Visitors will really be able to            experience what it was like to be part of the Neolithic community that built Stonehenge all those years ago.”

The new Stonehenge Visitor Centre will also display artefacts uncovered by BU archaeologists during the Riverside Project and from Professor Tim Darvill’s investigations inside the stone circles themselves. These include flint         arrowheads, pieces of ceramic cooking pots, and other day to day essentials from Neolithic life.

BU’s Professor Tim Darvill also features as one of the “Talking Heads” in a series of video interviews with                 archaeologists past and present who have worked at Stonehenge. He explains his research and his theories about what the monument was used for.

All the displays are presented in relation to an ancient ‘timeline’ for the Wessex region that is largely based on a new chronology for sites in the area established by the research carried out by Dr Welham and Professor Darvill.