Humanising Care

The Francis report heralds an overdue wake-up call that something is missing in current health and social care practice.

Professor Les Todres, a psychologist who developed the humanising care approach at BU with Dr Kathleen Galvin, characterises this missing link as ‘humanly sensitive care’.

They believe that a humanising focus depends on two foundational assets: A distinctive and simple ‘vocabulary’ that keeps the focus on ‘humanisation’ issues, as well as ways of ensuring that such a focus is coherently championed at all levels: political, organisational, practical and educational.

Having developed a framework of humanised care that could apply to people with a wide range of conditions, Todres, Galvin and colleagues now hope to improve the human dimensions of care for others. They believe the framework has multiple potential applications and are examining a generic implementation strategy that incorporates the patient’s experience and involvement, as well as providing ‘top down’ policy and organisational support.