DigitalHub: Digital Marketing for SMEs

Dr Phillip Alford is Bournemouth University’s Senior Lecturer in Tourism and Hospitality Marketing and at the forefront of important research into digital marketing. The research looks at how smaller businesses can use online avenues such as social media and SEO (search engine optimisation) to enhance their online presence.


Dr Alford’s contacts have provided real world application for this research as businesses have used the findings to improve their own digital marketing and e-commerce campaigns.

This partnership has resulted in great success as smaller businesses and SMEs (small and medium enterprises) have seen their business model developed and market strategy changed to include digital marketing.

Student Involvement

This research has also had undergraduate involvement as students have been encouraged to participate in real     digital marketing campaigns. Students were matched with businesses and asked to develop an Ad-words         campaign that would enhance the online presence of these companies, increasing their business.