A quarter of social workers trained by BU researchers

Social work is about making a positive difference to the most vulnerable in society and BU’s National Centre for Post Qualifying Social Work facilitates this through continuing professional development (CPD) provision for practitioners.

The Centre has now provided research-based training to 10,515 health and social care professionals, which equates to 25% of the social work workforce.

In just the last five years the team have worked with 28 NHS Trusts, 96 Local Authorities and 39 other major employers in England including the British Forces Social Work Service.

This includes over 500 practice educators; 500 social work managers; 500 adult and childcare social workers; 1600 mental health practitioners; and 2,900 completing the first ‘consolidation’ stage of a social worker’s CPD.

The Centre’s primary research themes both develop and simultaneously evaluated the effectiveness of the training provision. They include developing reflective practice, identifying learning needs and future provision, evaluative research tools and assessment of the impact of CPD on the practice of social workers and their organisations.

Those participating have developed professionally from the Centre’s self-reflective approach, demonstrating increased confidence and improved management abilities.

The Centre has now received funding to work in partnership with the Centre for Workforce Intelligence (CfWI). BU staff will help develop CfWI’s social worker supply-and-demand model and support workforce modelling and forecasting in the wider health and social care sector.