Prosopagnosia (faceblindness) breakthrough documented on CBBC

A CBBC documentary has followed the life of a participant at Psychology’s Centre for Face Processing Disorders.

The documentary about one of our teenage participants with acquired prosopagnosia will be shown on the CBBC channel on Tuesday March 26th at 5:45PM (part of the ‘My Life’ series). The documentary follows the journey of a 14 year-old girl as she participates in some of our research and meets other people with the condition, including a 12 year-old with developmental prosopagnosia and celebrity Duncan Bannatyne. An article published in the Telegraph this week provides a preview to the documentary, as does this feature on the BBC website.

To read more about prosopagnosia and learn about research into faceblindness, please visit the Centre for Face Processing Disorder’s website.


(Image courtesy of BBC/Watershed TV Ltd)