Humanising Care Special Interest Group

BU’s Dr Caroline Ellis-Hill set up a special interest group (SIG)  in 2012 to bring the expertise within the School of Health and Social Care and beyond together to develop the fusion of  education, research and practice within the area of humanisation.

The community has over 20 members including academics from the School of Health and Social Care, Psychology and clinicians from the NHS.

In 2012-13 the group held two meetings where people discussed their interests and how they wanted to contribute to the community.  The group provides a ‘space’ for members to make links personally, professionally and theoretically. Planned developments include:

  • Inviting doctoral students to join the membership
  • Creating an internally–facing electronic space where members can share resources.

Future developments will include:

  • Widening the membership across BU
  • Creating a leadership team – who act in a mentoring role.