Promoting understanding of sexuality and ageing

BU researchers Dr Lee-Ann Fenge and Dr Kip Jones are using novel methodologies to engage ‘seldom heard’ voices of older lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) populations.

Filming of Rufus Stone

Filming of Rufus Stone

One of these tools is a method deck, distributed to local and national agencies to support of their diversity training.

The method deck consists of a range of colourful playing cards, which include exercises, suggestions for activities and brain-storming ideas.

The aim is to support practitioners to reflect on their own practice, which influences the experiences of older lesbians and gay men in their local communities.

The deck was informed by research from the Big Lottery funded Gay and Grey Project (2006) and the UK Research Council funded The Gay and Pleasant Land? Project (2009-2012).

The major output from the Gay and Pleasant Land project is the award winning research based film ‘Rufus Stone’.