BU sets agenda for services management research

The urgent formation of a new services management academy was called for by delegates at a major BU Forum recently, in order to increase the impact of service management research.

The ‘Progressing Excellence in Management Research’ Forum, hosted jointly by BU’s School of Services Management and Business School in collaboration with the Kent University Business School, aimed to improve the quality of service management and in particular tourism and hospitality management research and journal rankings.

Academic leaders in the fields of business and management including Professor Paul Phillips, Director University of Kent Business School, and Dean of BU’s Business School Professor Thomas Lange, were included in panel discussions and workshops at the day-long event, which took place on Wednesday 17 February at BU’s Talbot Campus.

BU was pleased to welcome keynote speaker Professor Huw Morris, Chairman of the Association of Business Schools (ABS) and Dean of Business School and Pro-Vice-Chancellor Enterprise at Manchester Metropolitan University.

During his speech Professor Morris explained how academics can publish higher quality management journal articles and also how Journals can improve their ranking in the ABS list. He particularly highlighted the important the role that academics should play in influencing process and form, prompting calls for a new services management academy.

Forum organiser Professor Dimitrios Buhalis, Deputy Director of BU’s International Centre for Tourism & Hospitality Research commented: “This was a great opportunity to explore the international trends on business academic publishing.

“During the debates we had the opportunity to explore the methodology used for constructing the ABS Journal list and also expose research excellence in tourism, hospitality and other service management areas to the colleagues who are constructing the list. This was a very high calibre academic debate and all people attended were intellectually richer after the Forum”.

Delegates also listened to those closely involved in the Research Excellent Framework (REF) – formerly the government’s Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) – and Editors of the Association of Business Schools (ABS) Journal Quality Guide talk about their suggestions for raising the profile of service management -related research.

The Editors of the most influential Service Management Journals were also in the audience and were able to discuss issues at the interactive workshops that took place led by Professors from BU’s School of Services Management and Business School.

The new ABS list will be launched at the British Library on Tuesday 23 March 2010

For more information please contact Professor Buhalis on Tel: +44 1202 961517 email: dbuhalis@bournemouth.ac.uk