About John Kent – The John Kent Institute

John Kent is the founder and CEO of youtravel.com and the founder of Aquis Hotels and Resorts. He has a strong track record in the tourism and travel industry, mostly as a serial entrepreneur within the online and dynamic packaging sector. He has managed to build value both as an executive and as an entrepreneur in six major companies, four of which were involved in mergers or acquisitions within two years of starting up. He founded MedHotels.com and TravelBargains.com, revolutionising the package holiday model and introducing dynamic packaging for holidays in the UK market.

After two very successful years, both companies were acquired by Lastminute.com. John was then appointed as UK Managing Director of Lastminute.com with global responsibility for the procurement of hotels where he stayed for two years.

Since leaving Lastminute.com he has generated a range of dynamic projects. He is currently the founder & CEO of online resort accommodation provider Youtravel.com, a company that he set up in 2006. Recently John invested in Aquis Hotels and Resorts which aims to build a portfolio hotels and resorts in the Mediterranean area.

John is a Visiting Senior Fellow at the University of Surrey, a Fellow of the UK Institute of Directors and Visiting         Fellow at Bournemouth University

Improving the Hospitality Industry through education has always been a primary area of focus to me and undoubtedly research programs offer great input to this industry. In addition, I felt that there was a significant      necessity for a comprehensive research programme that would in turn meet essential needs of hospitality      industry. The idea of an institute to facilitate this overwhelming need for education and training was in my plans for a long time now. It was in my sincere intentions to offer core skills to promising talented people in a very high profile institution like Bournemouth University. Internationally renowned for its high standards and I highly respect the academic staff and the system they apply. Moreover, I selected this institute in the United Kingdom because this country presented me with the opportunity to implement and develop many successful business ventures. I am delighted that this vision has become a reality.

– John Kent, President of The John Kent Institute in Tourism