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Our research success is built upon a commitment to real world research that is of benefit to policy makers, planners and practitioners whilst also developing the knowledge base of the subject. Many of our research projects are commissioned by national governments or international agencies and incorporate the pragmatism of the business world with the rigour of academia.

ICTHR is truly international in its horizons working with colleagues and for clients across all continents. Projects include impact studies, tourism planning, marketing strategies, labour analyses and explorations into the effects of events and other MICE activities. We pride ourselves on working with clients in a close professional manner, where frequent and prompt communication is embedded in our approach to projects. Our publications are of the highest quality and this is endorsed by the fact that ICTHR is home to three leading international journals in tourism as well as three of the leading tourism textbooks.

ICTHR also encompasses two additional areas of research, namely Sustainable Development Research and Foodservice and Applied Nutrition Research.

We welcome enquiries from potential clients and are happy to explore potential research projects with you on an informal basis prior to any decisions being made.


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